SQL Injection | Basic idea | How websites are hacked??

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  • Duration 1h 30m
  • Last Update February 10, 2021


This course is to understand how hackers get access to websites. And to understand the principle in hacking a website. here we are learning about SQL vulnerability and also how to exploit it and get access to a website.

What Will I Learn?

  • Basic idea of SQL injection
  • How to install SQL map tool
  • How to use SQL map and hack a website
  • How to find vulnerable site

Topics for this course

5 Lessons1h 30m

Course Overview

What is SQL Injection?
How to install SQL map ?
How to use SQL map?
How to find SQL vulnerable website?
Pratical: Hacking a live website

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Material Includes

  • SQL vulnerable website
  • SQL map tool
  • Tamper scripts


  • Termux /Linux/Command Prompt

Target Audience

  • Beginners interested in hacking